Rabo de toro | Oxtail stew


Hello, cocinero! Hope you started the week happy and full of energy. Personally, I did, just because on Sunday I cooked and ate this delicious rabo de toro (oxtail stew). That’s what makes me happy, good food.

Let’s get on with it! How to prepare oxtail stew? The first and most important ingredient you need is time. This is the kind of traditional dish that needs time, patience and love and then gives you back an extraordinary flavour. The main ingredient is oxtail, that is cooked with veggies and wine (which ends in a tasteful sauce). I fried some potatoes as a side dish, but you can also go for a lighter side such as salad.

Can you guess where does this fantastic food come from? Write it in the comments down below and tell us if you liked the recipe!

See you next week cocinero ❤️

Serves: 2

Difficulty: I’m a little genius



750 g oxtail

600 ml red wine

600 ml meat broth

2 carrots

1 leek

100 g flour

2 tomatoes

2 onions

2 garlic cloves

fresh rosemary

fresh thyme

bay leaves

4 potatoes (optional)



Season the oxtail with salt and pepper.

Coat the meat with flour.

Fry in hot olive oil.

While the meat is browning chop the onion, the leek and the carrots.

Set the meat aside.

Use the same pan and oil to fry the veggies.

Ten minutes later add the minced garlic and the herbs and mix.

Add the chopped tomatoes, mix and cook altogether 10 minutes more.

Add the wine and cook everything for 20 minutes or until the alcohol disappears.

Add the oxtail and the meat broth.

Cover with a lid and let everything cook for 2.5 hours at low heat. Make sure you turn around the meat pieces each half an hour.

Take out the lid and cook for an extra half an hour to reduce the sauce.

During this half an hour you can prepare a delicious side dish such as fried potatoes! Just peel, chop and fry the potatoes!

Use kitchen paper to remove the excess of oil from your potatoes.

Serve the oxtail and the potatoes.

Blend the sauce.

And your oxtail stew is ready! Great job cocinero! Time to enjoy!

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