Potaje de garbanzos y calamar | Chickpea and squid stew


Hi cocinero! Winter is still winning the battle to spring, and although a few weeks ago I said I wasn’t going to cook more stews, the truth is that I still need them. Today I show you another traditional Spanish food, this time a stew made with chickpeas and squid: potaje de garbanzos y calamar.  Perfect to warm the body, you can easily tune it to your gusto. Feel free to add some prawns, mussels or any fresh fish. You can also reduce the broth as much as you want, leaving it as a thick stew or more like a soup.

Hope you like it❤

Serves: 2

Difficulty: I can light the stove



400 g chickpeas

1 whole squid

1 onion

1 green bell pepper

2 grated tomatoes

2 garlic cloves

2 bay leaves

800 ml fish broth



Roughly chop the onion and the bell pepper and gently fry them at low heat in EVOO until brownish.

Then, add the chopped squid and the minced garlic and fry all together for 5 minutes.

Add the grated tomatoes and the bay leaves and cook for 5 minutes more.

Finally, add the chickpeas and the broth and let everything cook for 10 minutes.

Serve and enjoy cocinero!

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