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If there is a dessert I’ve been having all my life this is definitely natillas. You can find them in the supermarkets but they don’t taste like home-made ones. It is a dessert full of flavour but the best thing is that the ingredients you need are very common and you don’t need to buy them on purpose only to prepare natillas (or if you do you can use them for many more things). 

Send me pictures of your natillas before you devour them and if you like them make  sure you check the recipe for egg pudding, you might love that too. Enjoy cocinero! ❤️ 

Serves: 6

Difficulty: I can light the stove



500 ml milk

3 egg yolks

75 g sugar

1 spoon corn flour

a cinnamon stick

some lemon zest

tea biscuits



Warm the milk in a pot with the lemon zest and the cinnamon. Before it starts boiling remove from the hob.

Cover with a dish/lid and let it stand for 20 minutes.

Mix the egg yolks, the corn flour and the sugar in a bowl.

Start adding the milk (use a strainer to remove traces of lemon and cinnamon) little by little mixing constantly with the rest of the ingredients.

Bring the mixture to a water bath and keep stirring until the mixture as your desired texture (around 30 minutes).

Serve the natillas in different bowls and let it cool to room temperature. Then cover with cling film and refrigerate it for a couple of hours.

I like putting ground cinnamon before having them and a tea biscuit. Enjoy cocinero!

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