Huevos rellenos | Classic deviled eggs


Hi cocinero! I’m back one Tuesday more to show you, this time, a super easy and delicious snack: huevos rellenos (classic deviled eggs). It is a traditional Spanish tapa you can prepare at home in literally 15 minutes.  Just one TIP*: prepare them a few hours before lunch/dinner and keep them refrigerated. You’ll see how refreshing they are after that.

I’ve prepared the classic version but feel free to go creative. Which ingredients would you add?

Hope you give it a go. I’m sure you’ll like it! You next week cocinero❤

Serves: 2

Difficulty: I can light the stove



4 eggs

200 g tuna

1 piquillo pepper

200 g homemade mayonnaise



Boil the eggs for 10 minutes.

In a bowl, mix half of the mayonnaise, with the tuna, the chopped pepper and the egg yolks. Just remember to keep one egg yolk for later if you want to grate it on top of the deviled eggs.

Fill the eggs with the tuna mixture.

Put a bit more mayonnaise on top and some grated egg yolk and refrigerate them until lunchtime.

Enjoy cocinero! 

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