Homemade salsa brava


Surprise cocinero, we’re having an extra recipe this week!

February has finally come and spring is just around the corner (or that’s what I want to think hehe). I’ve been recently thinking about this project that is Cocina with me and about the lovely community we are creating around Spanish food. During these first months (6 already!) you have demonstrated me that you love Spanish food and Spanish culture as much as I do. For that reason, I decided, that from now on, there will be two recipes per week! You deserve that.

So, the second recipe of this week is… salsa brava! Yuhuuu!

If you have ever been in Spain I’m sure you’ve tried it. This is the sauce that gives its name to “patatas bravas” (be aware that in some bars you might be served patatas bravas with ketchup… those are not bravas!). The main ingredient responsible for its unique flavor is pimentón (smoked paprika). There are two different types of pimentón: dulce (sweet) and picante (hot). You can combine both of them to give your salsa the desired level of spiciness.

Are you brave enough to prepare your own homemade salsa brava?

Thank you so much for being with me these 6 months! Hope we can make much more together. 

See you next week cocinero! ❤️

Serves: 2

Difficulty: I can light the stove



1 tablespoon of flour

150 ml of meat broth

1 tablespoon of sweet paprika (“pimentón dulce”)

1 tablespoon of hot smoked paprika (“pimentón picante”)




Warm extra virgin olive oil in a pan.

Pour the paprika and mix until the mixture is homogeneous.

Add the flour. Mix well and cook at low heat for 5 minutes.

You will get quite a thick mixture.

At this point, add the meat broth and mix.

Let everything cook together for 5 minutes at low heat or until the sauce has your desired texture.

And your salsa is ready cocinero! You can serve it in a bowl or…

Add it directly on top of your patatas! Enjoy it!

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