Habas al tombet | Broad beans “tombet” style


Winter is definitely here and during these cold months I really love eating slightly heavier meals such as stews prepared with patience and passion. Habas al tombet is a very typical dish from inland my region. There, the weather is warm almost all the year so we don’t cook stews so often, or if we prepare them we tend to use less gravy to make them lighter. In this case the full protagonist of the meal are the broad beans and the most important thing is to cook them until the skin is soft (the minutes will depend on your product) and the water is gone.

I would be incredibly happy to see your creation, let me know if you prepare habas and if you like the recipe! See you soon cocinero ❤️

Serves: 4

Difficulty: I can light the stove



750 g baby broad beans

300 g spring onions

4 slices of black pudding

4 pork sausages




Cut the spring onions, the black pudding and the sausages into smaller pieces.

Fry the spring onions and the sausages in olive oil.

Add the black pudding.

Add the broad beans (doesn’t matter if they are frozen) and mix.

Add water to cover the broad beans. At this point you can reserve the black pudding pieces and add them once the water evaporates if you want to keep them entire.

Let everything cook together until the broad beans soften and the water evaporates.

And your habas al tombet are ready! Enjoy cocinero!

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