Flamenquín Cordobés


Hi cocinero! How are you? Ready for a new delicious food? Today we are traveling to the south of Spain, more specifically to Cordoba, where this dish had its origin.  A Flamenquín Cordobés is basically a fried pork fillet rolled with jamon serrano. Simple but very tasty, this recipe can be modified to satisfy everybody. Just add cheese, red pepper or whatever you want and serve with some fries or a fresh salad.

Hope you like it, see you next week cocinero❤

Serves: 2

Difficulty: I can light the stove



1 pork fillet

100 g jamon serrano

1 egg

150 g of breadcrumbs

150 g of flour



Divide the pork fillet horizontally into two halves.

Then, open each of the halves like a book, cutting horizontally but without arriving at the edge.

Once it is opened like a book, cover with cling film and hit it gently with a meat mallet.

Season the meat on the external side and place the jamon serrano slices on the inner part.

Start rolling the meat tight and firm.

Coat the roll with flour.

Coat with egg.

And finally, coat with breadcrumbs.

Fry in olive oil over medium heat until it is golden and crisp. Do not use high heat, as we don’t want the meat to be raw in the center. Once ready, put it in a dish covered with kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil.

Serve and enjoy cocinero!


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