Ensaladilla Rusa


Hi there cocinero! It is time for another Christmas recipe. Well, to be honest, ensaladilla rusa is ideal no matter the season of the year. It is a cold salad made with boiled veggies, and despite in Spain I would say it is a summer essential, I think it is a great salad for Christmas too. You can serve it as a “tapa” to share before the main course. My advice: prepare you own home-made mayonnaise (egg + sunflower oil) and use good quality tuna and olives. That will make the difference 😛

Which is your favourite food for Christmas? How often do you prepare “tapas”? Don’t forget I would love to see all your pictures! See you next week cocinero! ❤

Serves: 3

Difficulty: I can light the stove



3 potatoes

3 carrots

150 g peas

200 g tuna


3 eggs

home-made mayo



Boil the potatoes (20 minutes approx. depending on the size) and the carrots.

Boil the eggs.

Peel and cut the potatoes in cubes. Let them cool down.

Peel and cut the carrot and the eggs.

Mix the potatoes, the carrots, the eggs, the peas, the olives, the tuna and the mayo.

Grate some egg on top and your ensaladilla is ready cocinero!


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