Arroz a banda | “A banda” rice


By this time I believe you already know a lot of Spanish cuisine. For that reason I bring you today a slightly more complex (but well-worth trying) recipe: arroz a banda. This typical rice recipe comes from Alicante area and it was a very humble dish that fishermen used to prepare with the fish and seafood leftovers they had. I said it is slightly more complicated because it is not easy to get the appropriate texture for the rice. It is very important not to stir the rice once the broth has been added, and try to use Spanish round grain rice (I found an excellent Calasparra rice in M&S).

I’m sure you are going to do it great cocinero! Let me know if you like it and if you want more rice recipes ❤️

Serves: 3 

Difficulty: I’m a little genius



500 g vine tomatoes

300 g calasparra or paella rice

1 squid

6 king prawns

600 ml fish broth

pimentón or sweet paprika


a garlic clove 

a Spanish sun dried red pepper (optional)

alioli (optional)



Fry the prawns in olive oil until they are golden.

Set the prawns aside and fry the squid.

While frying the squid, peel the prawns.

Mix the peel of the prawns, the heads and a cup of fish broth and blend. Strain it to remove leftover traces.

Once the squid is golden add the minced garlic and the sweet paprika.

Add the grated tomatoes and the saffron. This is your sofrito.

Add the rice and let it fry with the sofrito for a couple of minutes.

Add the fish broth. Tip: use two parts of broth for one part of rice.

Cook at medium heat without moving the rice for 17 minutes.

After 17 minutes, switch off the hob and add the peeled prawns.

Close with a lid or aluminium paper and let everything cook together for the last 3 minutes with the remaining heat.

And your delicious arroz a banda is ready cocinero! You can serve it with some alioli!

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