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Hi there!! Welcome to Cocina with me!!


If you are in this page probably you already realised this is a Spanish food blog.  More specifically it is a blog dedicated to traditional Spanish food for all of those who for any reason want to learn about this wonderful gastronomy. Said that you might be wondering what makes this blog special and different from the rest ✌️.


First of all, Cocina with me is in English (I will try to do my best, I promise) although I am from Spain. Secondly, I’ve been living outside Spain for the last three years and during this time I have realised that Spanish cuisine is often mixed up with other cuisines, losing its identity when certain products are used. Moreover, many people wrongly think that the recipes are difficult, sometimes it is nearly impossible to find specific local ingredients… And lastly, I’m totally crazy about Spanish cuisine (yaaaaaay), I want it to receive the value  it deserves so for all these reasons I decided to create Cocina with me.


I will try to show you those recipes my grandma showed to my mum and my mum to me, always trying to keep the essence and the humility that makes Spanish gastronomy unique. I don’t assure you 100% quick and easy recipes but I assure you good recipes, recipes with soul. Moreover, I will show you how I adapt each plate when I can’t find a particular ingredient or when this ingredient is too expensive.


But not only that, as Spain is a gastronomic paradise I would also like to recommend you what to eat depending on the region you visit so that you don’t miss anything.


In short, this is your blog if…


  • You have tried Spanish cuisine, you love it and you can’t wait to learn recipes to captivate your family and friends.
  • You have never tried Spanish food but you are open to meet its delicious flavours. Yes! Learning about a country’s gastronomy is exploring its culture!
  • You plan to travel to Spain and you want to know which are the must-try dishes of the region you are visiting.
  • You want to follow a well-balanced diet but you don’t have ideas. Mediterranean diet is your best option! (I’m not saying all the recipes in this blog are healthy, here you will find all kind of recipes, but you know, the secret is to find a balance and make some exercise too 😜)


I really appreciate all the feedback you can give me (I’m not a chef btw), send me your opinions about the blog, what kind of recipes you are interested in, what did you like the most when you went to Spain… and don’t forget, if you follow any of the recipes send me a picture!! ❤️


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